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Decades ago, when karate took off in America, many people thought it would just be a passing fad. They thought that kids would stop wanting to learn martial arts in favor of more traditional extracurricular activities like football and soccer. That has not been the case; kid’s karate is as big today as it was when the silver screen first introduced Mr. Miagi. There is good reason for this.

Kid’s karate is fun for boys and girls of all ages. It provides them with the opportunity to be social with their peers while learning positive competitiveness. Kids receive recognition from their peers, their families, and their martial arts faculty at Shotokan Karate Studio. On top of all the numerous reasons why kids love being a part of karate, there are also the reasons why parents love for their children to participate.

Studies have shown that children involved in the martial arts have improved critical learning skills such as focus, mental alertness, confidence, and much more. Martial arts also provide essential health benefits such as increased agility, endurance, strength training, and cardio training that keeps children in shape while they are having fun. With the world’s current epidemic of childhood obesity, improved health is one of the most notable benefits for children.

Our kid’s karate schedule is as follows:

• Beginner Kid’s Classes—For ages 4-6 years old. Monday and Wednesday at 5:15 pm and Sunday at 12:30 pm.
• Intermediate Kid’s Classes—For 7-10 years old. Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 pm and Sunday at 1:15 pm.
• Mixed Classes—For beginner and intermediate kids from 11-15 years old. Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm.

Schedule a consultation with our Sensei today in Queens, NY to learn how kid’s karate can help your child. You will receive a free introductory class, so your child can give it a try with no obligation!