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183-02 Union Turnpike
Queens, NY 11366
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Mon,Wed 5:15pm-9:15pm
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Shotokan Karate Studio is owned and operated by Sensei Nerik Abramov who began studying the martial arts when he first arrived in the United States in 1990. Abramov also studied boxing as a teenager in his former country, Uzbekistan. His natural tendency toward the martial arts discipline along with his physical aptitude, hard work and passion, had him teaching others only eight years later. While continuing to train and improve his own skills, he instructed at a dojo in Forest Hills, NY for many years.

Sensei Abramov decided to open his own karate studio after his son Benjamin was born. He realized that he wanted to take his passion for karate to the next level and build a legacy for his son. This is when he began Shotokan Karate Studio in Fresh Meadows, NY. He is committed to bringing his passion, discipline, and quality teaching to Queens, NY and the surrounding area.

Shotokan Karate Studio is committed to teaching children a love for the martial arts and an understanding of how to defend themselves. Children must earn their belts; there are no handouts here. We work hard with every child to make sure they become the best they can be.

Discover how much fun learning how to protect yourself can be under the expert teaching of Sensei Abramov at Shotokan Karate Studio. Contact us today!