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Karate Studio | Shotokan Karate Studio | Queens, NY | (718) 249-3382
The expert team at our karate studio brings over 20 years of martial arts experience to Queens, NY and the surrounding area....
Martial Arts | Shotokan Karate Studio | Queens, NY | (718) 249-3382
Learning the martial arts is a labor of love. It is not going to be easy, and it will require a great amount of training, dedication, and...
Kid's Karate | Shotokan Karate Studio | Queens, NY | (718) 249-3382
Decades ago, when karate took off in America, many people thought it would just be a passing fad. They thought that...

Help your child avoid bullying with kid’s self defense classes at the respected Shotokan Karate Studio.

Welcome to Shotokan Karate Studio

Shotokan Karate Studio in Queens, NY provides martial arts instruction to adults and children starting at age four! We make sure there is a convenient class for every family so that your child can benefit from our kid’s karate program. We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes that are broken into age groups. Your child will always use protective gear when sparring and will always be carefully supervised.

While children enjoy themselves at our classes, parents enjoy that their children will learn how to protect themselves from stranger danger and even how to prevent bullying in school. The list of benefits that kid’s karate provides goes on and on, and there are benefits for adults as well.

Adults will get in the best shape of their lives while learning how to defend themselves. Martial arts training combines repetition with intense exercise that burns calories, builds and tones muscle, increases strength and agility, and improves cardiovascular health. Our classes include men and women from all fitness levels and all types of backgrounds. Anyone who puts true effort in will reap the rewards!

Even if you and your child have not enjoyed physical activities in the past, you will be surprised at how enjoyable learning karate can be. You will become so caught up in the fun that you forget how hard you are working. You can say goodbye to the days of boring gym workouts and diets that are too hard to maintain!

Learn why we are one of the best Martial Arts schools in NY and the surrounding area. Join us for a free class today!